Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Healthy Habits Baby Steps- Part 5

OK, this one's easy. Replace your salt with sea salt. See here for more info.
Do you crave salt all the time? There may be an underlying cause. (like adrenal fatigue) However, salt is what my nutritionist calls a "real craving", meaning if you're craving it, you need more of it. It's not as bad for you as you may have been told.
If you do crave salt and eating more doesn't help, it's probably because you are actually craving the minerals that are supposed to be in salt but have been refined out. This is what you need! It contains all the other minerals salt is supposed to have that are so good for us. I am going to pick some up for myself at the store this week. :)

To Hell & Back, Part 2- Coming out of the Pit

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Check back tomorrow for part 3.