Monday, February 27, 2017

I is for Insects!

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 11)

We had lots of fun learning about insects during this unit, and how we're supposed to work hard like the ant. 

We had this ant farm that one of the boys had gotten for Christmas, but in the cleanup, the form to order the ants got lost! My cheap self decided to march outside and just scoop up some fire ants from the yard and into the ant home. This, I do not recommend! We only got about 4 bites each, but the ants are too small for the holes and can crawl out. Also, we discovered why fire ants are so hard to get rid of, and that is because they are a super natural life form. During a freeze, they go under ground to stay warm. Our ants have survived several freezes outside, above the ground. Also, you're supposed to feed your "pet ants", which we did... about one time. I don't know if they are eating each other in there or what they're doing, but those suckers are still thriving months later. I think that I will take the entire plastic abomination and throw it into our trash barrel the next time we burn trash. They may survive that, not sure. My advice: choose a different insect to observe and have as a "pet".

file folder game on things that go together

Montessouri insect cards
hands-on letter activity: sidewalk chalk
Cuisinaire rods
I think this workbook came from the Target $ spot.
painting ladybug rocks
They just need google eyes, and they're paper weights.

Life happens...

Who's teaching who?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

O is for Octopus! (& W is for Water)

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 9)

I forgot to take pictures of the unit on Water, so that's included here as well. :)
For the octopus craft, we stamped one purple hand print, then did 3 extra fingers to make 8 arms (with purple paint), added google eyes. We were going to glue some sand at the bottom, but I didn't have any! Our hands-on letter activity was letter stamps.
Coloring some laminated templates from The Mailbox with dry-erase markers.
We froze ice cubes with food coloring in them to "paint" on the sidewalk. I actually think this was from the Water unit. oops!
Ocean scene with stickers.

Life Happens...

Even Batman need his sleep!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Educational Youtube Videos

I have been going through these videos with the boys. We've had so much fun with them and learned so much, but she only does 1 month! So I decided to do another one and share it with you. Hope you enjoy these educational videos. We just watch one per day during circle time.

Here are the subjects we're rotating through:
Music (Can't get enough of the Piano Guys!)
Chemistry/Physics (studying this in Science at co-op)

Natural Disasters  (reading these books during read aloud time, so I thought this would be fitting. Plus, Skipper requested "volcanoes!")
Prayercast Countries (this is something I wanted to do last yr when we learned about these countries, but we never go to it.) 

NOTE: I couldn't embed the prayercast ones or the Laws of Motion one, so watch for those links. 

Piano Guys- Star Wars:




The Netherlands prayercast

Piano Guys- Home:

Chemical & Physical Changes:


Telling time:

New Zealand prayercast

Piano Guys- Jurassic Park

Elements song:


Big Numbers Song (repeat from last month):

China prayercast

Piano Guys- Mission Impossible

States of matter:

Pictures of natural disasters:

Money song (repeat from last month):

Vietnam prayercast

Piano Guys- Kung Fu Piano

Laws of Motion



Brazil prayercast

Piano Guys- Indiana Jones

Force & motion:

Hurricane vs. Tornado:

Adding with a Pirate:

Tanzania prayercast

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fun Fall 2016!

Yes, way late, but that's life. :) Here are some of the things we did this fall.

The park with friends, enjoying the cooler weather!
Fair & Rodeo!
hay maze

a pirate
I think this is supposed to be a dragon.

Super Dad & Kruiser. Mom does not ride such things.
learnin' to rope

Festival @ Skipper's school

A knight & his dragon (aka T-Rex)
Fall Festival at church

Saturday, January 28, 2017

D is for Dinosaur!

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 8)

measuring with Super Dad the length of the biggest dino compared to a blue whale

I put this on their birthday lists. Amazon has all different kinds.
The dirt was surprisingly hard to get through. It kept them busy for awhile! They loved it.
The finished product
Field trip day at our natural science museum
Skipper's a giant armadillo

Life happens...

Kruiser wanted to teach Skipper, so he's going over his letter flashcards with him. Cutest thing ever.

Friday, January 27, 2017


I have been wanting to write about so much lately, about all has happened since December, but health problems have kept me from it. Pain is a tricky thing. Having a headache most of most days for more than a month can make you crazy, guilty, and forget about so much of your life. The CS Lewis quote that God shouts to us in our pain does not ring true in my life. I can't think enough to commune with Him truly & deeply, although I do try sometimes. 

I DO find it absolutely true with emotional pain; maybe that's what the quote was about. Being in emotional pain is a do or die time in your spiritual life. If you don't turn to Him in deep ways during those times, I think you never really do, or may not ever again. If you do, it cements your relationship with Him for a long time to come

But physical pain, no. I just brace myself to survive it and do what I can to take my mind off of it. I can't really retreat into medication- Ibuprofen tears up my stomach & narcotics make me super depressed when I came off of it (not that I'd take them for a headache), and I have a conspiracy theory about Tylenol (it does nothing for me). So I turn on the TV, do fun projects or read if I can, retreat from the kids & the noise. The hardest part is probably that it makes connecting with people difficult. You either complain or you're not authentic. It's a catch-22. And my word for 2017 is "authentic", so that's probably what you got if you interacted with me during the past couple months. 

Well, that's my authentic post for the month. :) Back to unwanted advice & cute pics of my kids....

Friday, December 16, 2016

Agreements with the Enemy

Whether we realize it or not, we all have a daily dialogue that exists in our heads, and much of it is influenced by our enemy. We misinterpret what people say to us. "Can you please stop making so much noise?!" Turns into, "You're annoying, and I don't really want you around," in an 8-year-old's head. "Why did you forget to pick up my dry cleaning?" can become, "You never do anything right," to our fallen minds and emotions. A friend recently told me, "Satan is all too happy to filter our interpretations." These are examples of lies we believe. John Eldredge calls them agreements with Satan.

Today, my 7-year-old begged to play video games with Dad before rest time (we usually do it after). After I told him I'd have to ask Dad first, he, sensing my hesitancy, proceeded to throw a 7yo tantrum, whining annoyingly and jumping up and down. At that point, I had to stick to my guns and sent him off to his room for rest time. He broke down in tears in his room, and like his heart was broken, said, "you just don't want me to have time with family!" (He had just gotten back from a fun outing with his dad.) I didn't punish him or get angry at his attempt at manipulation because it hit me as the all too familiar battle I too face every day. I took his little face in my hands and said firmly and lovingly, "STOP telling yourself lies! You are believing a lie. If what you just said were true, of course you would be upset & crying the way you are, and rightfully so. But what you just said is not true." I didn't have to give evidence that he has plenty of family time because he knew that and immediately stopped crying; his face softened. "But I feel like it's true." "I know," I said. "I deal with the same thing every day, and so does Daddy. We have to tell ourselves to not listen to the lies but what is true." I should have gone one step further and told him whom the lies come from and that his greatest battle in life will be fighting the Enemy and his lies every day of his life, in his own mind & in those he loves. "You're God's warrior, son, and this is your battle," I should have told him. 

What lies are you believing? What agreements have you made with the devil? "Why try? It's no use." "I'll never be good enough for her." "I'll never be loved the way I want." "He just doesn't care about me when he does xyz." "I'll never need anyone again." 

"The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy..." John 10
"The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19

What have you lost that Jesus is trying to give back to you?