Monday, July 3, 2017

B is for Butterfly!

(My Father's World, Kinder, Week 25)
This was a fun week!

painting caterpillars

our caterpillar & egg crafts

Life cycle of a butterfly from Mailbox

We acted out the life cycle. He's coming out of his chrysalis.

We did a Venn Diagram comparing butterflies and birds.
Cutting out the badge. It said, "Jesus makes me new."

MFW math sheet

We ordered these guys from Insect Lore. It's really easy & fun to watch!
This is like 2-3 days later, I kid you not. These suckers can eat!
After a few days, they attach to the top in a J shape.

starting to emerge

First one's out.
After feeding them sliced fruit & sugar water for a few days, we released them. 4 flew right off.
One had emerged with just one wing, so we transferred him back to the habitat, so he wouldn't get eaten. He only lasted another week. :( The boys named him "Unifly". This was the same one that kept wiggling a lot after I transferred the chrysalises from the cup to the habitat, so be careful with them while they're in that state!

We found this little guy this week! Skipper followed him for awhile. Nature is so fun!

Life Happens...
Kruiser with our kitty
The cat wants to do school too!

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