Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fat is NOT the enemy!

Granted, certain fats are very very unhealthy for us, namely processed, trans fats. However, the research shows that sugar, not fat, is the real culprit in killing diets and making us generally unhealthy. This includes artificial sweeteners as well.

Here is the video that really changed my mind about sugars....

(for some reason Blogger won't let me imbed the video! :( ) You'll have to copy & paste or search for it on YouTube.

It's called "Sugar: The Bitter Truth". He goes into a lot of research & biochemistry, but he's a pretty good speaker, so it's not super boring. ;) Here's what I took away from it...

  • There was a study done in the early 80's that linked heart disease, obesity, hyper tension, etc. to eating a high fat diet. This study is what determined government advice on diet and led to the "low fat" craze of the 80's and 90's. But the study was flawed @ its roots and basically led us all astray. He goes into why.
  • Sucrose & fructose are basically the same (only part I wasn't sure I agreed with), and they don't let your body know you're full, thus leading to overeating. Also, a high portion of them turn INTO fat in the body.
  • Glucose (white bread, pasta, etc.) does the above but to a MUCH lesser degree.
  • Eating fruit is OK, because fiber does not let that biochemical change from sugar to fat happen.
  • Eating artificial sweeteners trick your brain and make you crave more sweets! (plus, they are horrible for many more reasons.)
There is much more in the video. In my opinion, it's well worth the watch. Life changing, actually!!

Furthermore, here is some great info on why eating animals fats is actually healthy! (which I completely believe now.) (Beware though, that though milk is from an animal, pasteurized, homogenized milk contains the processed evil fats I mentioned above- NOT good!)