Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to Respond to the Election

Trump will be President. I have to say I did NOT see this coming. Nothing is over. A government by the people means that the people must respond, and stay alert. 

If this is what you feared:

The election of Trump will not be the end of your life. You will not move to Canada. Your children will not be hunted down & deported in the dark of night. Stop spreading fears and exaggerations; it's not helping anyone! It's OK to be hurt and a fearful, but make sure that it's not based on bad assumptions. 

The country did not reject Hillary because it hates women. If we can't see that the rejection of one of the most corrupt politicians of our time is not a rejection of all powerful women, then we're looking through the wrong lens. 

A CNN commentator said that Trump won as a "whitelash" against Obama. Despite what you've been told by the media, people don't dislike Obama because he's black. His color was the ONLY thing we like about him, haha! People dislike him because he has no regard for the Constitution whatsoever, and has tried to bring this country "down a notch" (aka, run it into the ground) any and every way he can. Making things that are not about race about race does not help heal this country! Please stop doing it.

Trump may have racist tendencies, which is always scary, and I realize that I, as a white person, will never truly understand that fear. But people are responsible for their own actions. Trump doesn't single-handedly dictate race relations in this country. In the words of Jen Hatmaker: "No leader can make us fear or hate our neighbor. No leader can stop us from loving, defending, representing, advocating, bridge building, and gathering. No human has ever been able to staunch the power of love." I realize his words have been hurtful for sure! But his policies are nothing to incite fear of a massive racist agenda. Stop & ask yourself what you're afraid of & the real likelihood of that happening. Are you reacting against something the media has told you? There are people in this country who stand to gain much on the fear of minorities; don't let them steal your peace.

I do hope that you can see the good that America has not elected the most corrupt, most pro-abortion, most pandering nominee this country has seen!

If this is what you hoped for:

Just chill with the celebration, OK? If you're celebrating that Hillary didn't get elected, then great, but this man is not much to celebrate. We must stay vigilant against possible policies he will try to push through that are not Constitutional, just as much as we would be with a Democrat in office. 

Netanyahu just tweeted that Trump is a friend of Israel. Really? Because I'm pretty sure he's the same one who said that Israel needs to make sacrifices if they want peace with Palestine. 

Politicians have come out to say they are excited about helping Trump repealing Obamacare. Really? Because I'm pretty sure he's the same man who said he supported the individual mandate of Obamacare, so whatever he's wanting to replace it with, it will have the MOST un-Constitutional part of Obamacare in it. 

I have friends on Facebook saying that abortion has been defeated. Really? Because we've had a super majority before, and nothing happened to abortion then. I also don't trust anyone, who has in his adult life, been in favor of legalizing partial-birth abortions. He changed his view to fit the party, but I don't think it's a big issue for him.

He also spoke out in favor of the bailouts & tax increases, both big government positions, not conservative positions. 

It's the false optimism that scares me most. The possibility that we'll all just sit back and let this man take us further down the road toward socialism, further away from the Constitution. I hope & pray Congress can stand up to him. I hope & pray we will elect those who will & get rid of those who don't. If he builds a wall on the southern border, that will be a step in the right direction, but that's about the only thing I think he'll do without a lot of poking & prodding.

And please please stop saying that God did this, unless you simply mean it in the sense that God is sovereign over the affairs of men (Daniel 2:21 & Ps 75:7). Trump is not God's man! He is not our Savior, even of this country. Our hope is in God despite the candidate Republicans put forward.

We must NOT fall back asleep, America! There is a response from us that is critical, and it includes a very watchful eye on the most liberal Republican that has ever been elected. Don't celebrate too much.