Sunday, February 25, 2007

The turn lane is your friend!

OK, so I have to write about this, so it doesn't drive me crazy! The turn lane is your friend! Use it! If there is a left turn lane, that is for you to get in before you turn, even before you slow down. It is really annoying when people slow way down in the regular lane and make everyone behind them have to slow down too. Use your turn lane to slow down in. Get over, brake, turn- in that order. The same goes for right shoulders. If there is one, then use it to slow down in when turning right (unless you live in Louisianna, bc I think it's against the law there). This is considerate of other drivers. Leave a comment if you have a driving pet-peeve. Thanks!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day Success

Some have been asking what I ended up doing for Valentine's Day. Well, the day of, I got him some candy and a card. (We agreed not to spend much money on gifts.) In the card was an invitation I made on the computer for the dinner I was planning. (He got me a tulip plant and card. He even wrote a poem too.)

For our dinner, I made fried mushrooms, salad, chicken wings, and champagne (some of his favorite foods). Then we went to the swimming/diving Big 12 Championship on campus. We have always wanted to see the diving. It was really good. Then we went out for ice cream (his other favorite food). I also pulled out a letter I had written to my future husband back in '02. I started a tradition in High School to write my future husband every Valentine's Day. I had lost some of them, but found one a few days ago, so it was perfect.

I think it was a big success.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine's Day

I am planning a dinner/evening for my husband. We are switching off years, and this is my year. Any ideas??