Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day Success

Some have been asking what I ended up doing for Valentine's Day. Well, the day of, I got him some candy and a card. (We agreed not to spend much money on gifts.) In the card was an invitation I made on the computer for the dinner I was planning. (He got me a tulip plant and card. He even wrote a poem too.)

For our dinner, I made fried mushrooms, salad, chicken wings, and champagne (some of his favorite foods). Then we went to the swimming/diving Big 12 Championship on campus. We have always wanted to see the diving. It was really good. Then we went out for ice cream (his other favorite food). I also pulled out a letter I had written to my future husband back in '02. I started a tradition in High School to write my future husband every Valentine's Day. I had lost some of them, but found one a few days ago, so it was perfect.

I think it was a big success.

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Kathleen said...

Thanks for the comment! Of course I will link to you. :)

I go to the UT Health Science Center. Which med school is John going to? Do you know what area you are planning on living in?