Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cali- Day 4

We got up this morning and drove south to try to find Muir Woods, a popular Redwood forest just north of San Francisco. We took the scenic coastal HW 1. It's very windey (new word) out around the hills and cliffs. Then it took us by the ocean, and when we saw a scenic place with lots of cars parked, we stopped and walked down the path to the ocean. John climbed this huge rock on the way. From way up there he could see that we were headed straight to a nude beach! It was hidden away between two rocks on the beach. He tried to play a trick on me and lead me down there the rest of the way, but this man came out before we got down there, and John had to tell me. :)

We finally made it to Muir Woods after that and made the 2 mile trek around it. The trees were really cool. More driving this afternoon as we went 2 hours east to our new campgrounds at Yosemite Pines, about 20 miles west of Yosemite.

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