Sunday, July 15, 2007

California- Day 2

This morning, we drove from where we camped on the beach to LA to go to Universal Studios, Hollywood. I like the rides, bc they are virtual reality instead of actual roller coasters. Back to the Future was the best ride there, and I remember it being the best ride at the one in Orlando when I was a kid. John got sick on it though. :) John really liked the studio tour, where they took us through many actual movie sets that have been used. We rode Shrek & Terminator in 4D, saw the animal actors from Evan Almighty, and watched a live Fear Factor show. We went through the "House of Terrors", and John got scared really good 4 times by monsters. :)
Below is a movie set where many westerns were shot. Next is the crash scene from War of the Worlds, then King Kong, Jurassic Park, and a ship from Star Wars.
We had to leave at 5 to drive to San Francisco. The drive was pretty boring through the wine/farm country. We stopped at Carl's Jr. for dinner, another first, and didn't get to SF until 10pm. Our hotel was really unique w/ different artwork on the walls in each room. Here was our room: We were so happy to finally have a warm bed and warm shower!

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