Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Healthy Habits Baby Steps- Pt. 2

I think it is unfair for a diet or nutrition plan to ask someone to give up something that's bad for them without replacing it with something else. So when I suggest giving up something, I will try to find a replacement. This first one's easy. Replace all your grain items with whole grains.

white bread= 100% whole wheat bread (if it doesn't say 100%, it's just white bread that's been died to look like wheat!)
white rice= brown or wild rice
pasta= whole wheat pasta (this is one people seem to have the hardest time with in terms of taste. I have found that angel hair tastes the best, as it's so thin you can hardly tell it's wheat.) cereal= make sure it's whole grain or use oatmeal
crackers/chips= trail mix, nuts, seeds, granola
tortillas= get wheat as well, or, even better, corn (although personally, I don't really like the taste of corn tortillas. :) *confession*)
This is a simple way to become more healthy without really having to give up much at all. You'll lower your chances of many diseases, lose weight, & help things run more smoothly in the digestive department. :) Also, these foods fill you up more quickly than their white counterparts, so you'll eat less! They are a little more expensive, but grain products are so cheap to begin with, it's not that big of a deal. Enjoy!


Lisa Parrott said...

Yes!! We already have this one down!! We got a water filter this summer when we took a drink of water and it tasted like we were drinking a swimming pool... ewww. Come to find out, the city is putting way too much chlorine in the water to help kill some fungus contamination. More ewww.

Dee D said...

fungus- that is gross.