Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Finds this week!

 I recently started back couponing and can say I'm fairly addicted! These are all things I got completely free this week! Well, the above picture was from the baby deal @ Brookshire's. They only do the baby deal about once a month or less, so I snag it when I can! I had to buy a box of Huggies (which I had a coupon for, of course) to get the things above. Total of free stuff was over $20. Yes, I AM donating the Froot Loops! yuck! I kept the fruit snacks for dessert for K. I may or may not have eaten a pack myself, shhhh!
 The picture above is all stuff I got completely free with coupons & sales. I didn't have to buy anything else to get it.

And above are the free items this week from CVS & Walgreens- kids' fish oil & probiotic for me. I did find out the fish oil has Splenda in it when I got home. grrrr. But I am a sucker for free! ;) These were deals where you buy the product, and then you get that much back again on reward bucks to spend next time you go to that store. They always have at least one thing free each week.  I was going to get a blood sugar meter for free plus $7 back (free + I had a $7 off coupon), but they were out of the one the coupon was for. I was going to donate the meter. Can't pass up $7 free cash.

I do most of my couponing @ Walgreens & CVS and am developing a small stockpile of toiletries, TP, & paper towels, & OTC meds. I also go to Target & Wal-mart sometimes if they have good deals. It's hard to coupon for groceries if you want to eat healthy!

Here are my favorite sites if you're thinking about couponing!

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Catherine Bennet said...

I LOVE your blog. Awesome job on the couponing. I coupon and I got some o the same deals you did. I had no idea that the fish oil had splenda. GRR