Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tour of Texas!

We packed up the car and headed around Texas to see family. 792 miles over 12 days! It was SO fun!

Stop #1- The in-laws for my SIL's wedding!

Gorgeous bride!
 My beautiful youngest SIL. (#10) & #1's husband on guitar.
 Too much cuteness.
 Two more SILs, #4 & #6.
 I mean, really...
 #1 SIL with her kiddos.
 Waiting... K was supposed to go sit down after he walked the aisle, but he just stood up there with the rest of the men, lol. We had to go get him.
 Father & son.
 #2 with her family.
 #3 with his family. :)
More ILs :) - #5 & #7
 My nephew was jealous of the flower girl & ring bearer getting to wear costumes, so he brought his own. Genius.

 Breaking it down at the rehearsal dinner. He really was, but of course as soon as I get the video camera out he stopped.
 DH carrying 2 tuckered out boys home.
The in-laws with all 9 grandchildren.
We stayed with DH's sister and their 4 kids. Our kids had a blast playing together. This was the first time all 10 of the siblings have been together in over a year. It was so good to see everyone!

Stop #2- My mom's:

 My brother came to see us. I promise we are not fat, but it makes me feel better that we both look fat in this pic!
 Nana had a dirt pile. Boy Heaven!

While there, I got to see my awesome nutritionist and also get a massage from like, the best massage therapist ever. He's actually not even a therapist; he's considered a practitioner. I got some treatment for my piriformis muscle and plantar faciitis which has been acting up lately.

Stop #3- My oldest brother & SIL's house. They have 3 girls; the youngest is less than 3 wks younger than K.

 The older 2 girls were a great help.

 My brother reading them a story.
We went to ride the park train and then out to lunch.
All tuckered out.

Stop #4- My Dad's place:

 K teaching Major to fetch,
 ... and sit.
 G-man loved the Gator!
 G-man riding.
K riding the horse.
 Playing with Lincoln Logs.
 So big.
 The boys went fishing early one morning.
Stop #5- My grandmother, Gran. My aunt came to see us as well! We went swimming one afternoon and other than that, just hung out. The boys loved the handicap chair that goes upstairs.

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