Friday, January 27, 2017


I have been wanting to write about so much lately, about all has happened since December, but health problems have kept me from it. Pain is a tricky thing. Having a headache most of most days for more than a month can make you crazy, guilty, and forget about so much of your life. The CS Lewis quote that God shouts to us in our pain does not ring true in my life. I can't think enough to commune with Him truly & deeply, although I do try sometimes. 

I DO find it absolutely true with emotional pain; maybe that's what the quote was about. Being in emotional pain is a do or die time in your spiritual life. If you don't turn to Him in deep ways during those times, I think you never really do, or may not ever again. If you do, it cements your relationship with Him for a long time to come

But physical pain, no. I just brace myself to survive it and do what I can to take my mind off of it. I can't really retreat into medication- Ibuprofen tears up my stomach & narcotics make me super depressed when I came off of it (not that I'd take them for a headache), and I have a conspiracy theory about Tylenol (it does nothing for me). So I turn on the TV, do fun projects or read if I can, retreat from the kids & the noise. The hardest part is probably that it makes connecting with people difficult. You either complain or you're not authentic. It's a catch-22. And my word for 2017 is "authentic", so that's probably what you got if you interacted with me during the past couple months. 

Well, that's my authentic post for the month. :) Back to unwanted advice & cute pics of my kids....

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