Sunday, May 14, 2017

E is for Elephant! (+ songs for all Kinder lessons!)

(MFW K Lesson 15)

The MFW Teacher's Guide includes songs for some of the weeks but not all, so I added those in. Some are specifically for kids, and some are just worship songs they really enjoyed. Here are the links! 

Sun: Light of the World
Moon: This Little Light of Mine
Leaf: Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday\
Apple: Fruit of the Spirit
Nest: Good, Good Father
Turtle: Won't Back Down (ok, not Christian, but it goes with the theme. The boys loved it!)
Us: Oh, Be Careful...
Dinosaur: Review
Octopus: Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelujah, Praise Ye the Lord
Water: Deep & Wide or Spring up Oh Well
Insect: This is the way we...
Goat: Nothing but the Blood
Cow: B-I-B-L-E
Horse: Trust & Obey
Elephant: STOP & Let me tell you
Penguin: 1 John 4:7-8
Kangaroo: God of Angel Armies
Zebra: Review
Rock: Wise Man Built His House upon the Rock
Jewel: Lord, You Are...
Butterfly: I just thank you Father for making me me (I had this album as a kid! It's not really about the theme, but it is called "The Butterfly Song"!)
Frog: We sang "Oh Be Careful..." again, but with "tongue what you say, emphasized.
Fox: Review
Vegetables: Review
Quail: Give Thanks
Yellow: We sang, "This is my Father's World" again. This is also the song for the Creation Unit. Love this song!

He actually made these at his great church PreK program he goes to once a week, so I can't take credit.
He got out brother's abacus from Right Start Math on his own to play with.
number match puzzle, similar to this
hands-on letter activity was letter cookie cutters

He loves these cuisinaire pages & blocks!

Sound sorting
dot-to-dot elephant for Math

Life Happens...

Sometimes we dress up as 4 characters in one! Gotta do what you gotta do to protect your semi-suburban home from invaders!

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