Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun Summer 2013!

I feel like I've been cooped up, well, since G-man was born! Years ago, I learned I can only handle a few things on my plate at once. If the house was going to stay somewhat clean, get any tot school stuff done, and the kids and I stay somewhat or at least not completely stressed out, we had to stay home most days. We did MOPS and play dates with friends. I also did a Bible study just recently but that's pretty much it. EVERY morning, K asks me, "where are we going today?" and most days the answer is, "nowhere, sorry."

Well, this summer I decided to switch things up. MOPS is done, we are taking a break from tot school, G-man is at the age where he can participate in activities finally, and the house will survive a couple of months! My goal is to be gone every morning. Well, all but one day. And then the kids have their church program once a week, so I will have a morning to myself or to run errands that day. 

It gets HOT here, I mean ALL summer long, HOT, so we will do things like the library, a church that has an indoor playground in the area, and the pool, or splashpad, with an occasional park or zoo trip with lots of water! Our pool has a deal because I am a wife of a "student", so we will join that, AND they offer swimming lessons, and I am so excited to get the boys in those for the first time. I couldn't put K in last summer because he was too little to do it without me, and G-man was too little for me to do that. So this summer, K will be in the beginner class and G-man & I will do a mommy & me class. They will be at the same time, so I am a little scared K will freak with me there, but hopefully it will work out! I plan to get him in the water several times before it starts. 

We also have a wading pool that we can use when we're home, and I want to do some fun messy things with that. I want to try one of these per week: shaving cream, shaving cream paint, colored ice cubes, cooked spaghetti, bubble solution, water beads, and slime. My other goal is to invite people over for play dates or meet people at the park or wherever. (So if you know me and are reading this, give me a call! ;) )

This all means that I will have to spend nap times in the afternoon doing housework. I think it will be worth it. I am excited! I am posting this now, because I am starting in May! while the weather is still somewhat bearable. We actually have 4 more weeks of "Year 3 Tot School" to complete because we got behind (if you're wondering where letters W, N, M, & U are; they will come later.) I'm gonna try to fit that in later in the summer after I get tired of all this, haha! :) 

I'll be posting our adventures. Stay tuned... Have anything planned this summer??

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