Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I love!

It may or may not have been said of me, just a few times, that I am somewhat, pessimistic. I really prefer the term "realist". The other day John said, "how is that realism? life is good!" "We live in a fallen world," was my textbook, cliche-ish response. But he is right. My life is amazing. 

I do think one reason we all (yes, even you shallow optimists- hehe), notice the bad is because we were MEANT to live in a perfect world! God created us in His image to live in His perfect creation, before we messed it all up. So I think there is that sense that we need to fix whatever is wrong, no matter how little, that it's not SUPPOSED to be like this! Because it really isn't. The hard part comes with the realization that all that's wrong is our (humans' in general) fault and that anything good that comes now is from His grace. That's where the need to be positive comes in. So here I go; I'll take a stab at it.....

  • I LOVE my job. Seriously, I feel so lucky to be able to wake up each morning to 2 healthy boys who love their Mama and need her all day. I don't love each part of my day or every part of my job, but staying home with them has been such a blessing! They are SO fun!
  • I LOVE living in Texas and in the town where I live. The people, the food, the weather (yes, even the heat- take over snow 6 mo at a time any day!), the environment, the thousands of churches that dot each street corner. Love my roots and love that my boys are 7th generation Texans.
  • I LOVE the family I married into. There are so many people who want to be a part of their family. Seriously, I am lucky.
  • I LOVE nap time. Call me shallow, but I love that time of day where there aren't 1500 distractions and I just sit and THINK. The introvert in me really needs that each day.
  • I LOVE the way my mom chose to educate me. I see SO many benefits of it all the time, and they definitely outnumber the drawbacks. 
  • I LOVE that God has brought me through so many difficulties. I did not love them at the time, but I can see all the time how Romans 8:28 really does work. Dislocated hip, divorce, broken back & spinal cord injury, 3 weeks of mental health hell, postpartum depression, all for good.
  • I LOVE sunsets, the sky, the smell of woodpiles burning in the fall, swimming, boats, listening to sermons online, and reading a good book at Starbucks.
For being a realist, that's a pretty good start, I guess. Maybe I need to make this theme a regular here! :) 

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