Thursday, September 1, 2016

In Which I Muse About Blogging More

This blog cracks me up. It started as a theology/politics thing. I thought I knew stuff back then. I mean, I hope I know even more now, but maybe my brain is slower. I blame that on the kids. I'm not sure how to put those 2 subjects into words anymore, and politics is just plain no fun anymore, right? (I still think we should be involved.)

Then I started writing about homeschooling. That's my hobby. That has simplified somewhat in more recent years, not because I thought I was doing anything wrong, but because each kid is different, and my 2nd, while he enjoys school, won't if I make him do it my way. My oldest wants to know what the proper way is; my youngest will find out by trial & error. 

But I want to write more. I want to look back and see what these years were like and to share my thoughts with others, whatever it's worth. I'm also reading more. Less TV, less Facebook, more books. The words flow so much easier when you're filling yourself with books. So (my mom says not to start a sentence with "so").... Therefore, look for more from me in the future. Here's hoping this post will be my accountability & motivation! As with all of life, if I can leave perfection at the door, I'll have more production.

(Note: All my posts will be on the main page from here on out, so no more confusing links! All topics here! And who knows WHAT those topics will be...)

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how I even figured out to do this (musta' stumbled on it somehow). Glad you are reading more and spending less time w/all things electronic. I need to do the same! So glad you are my daughter -- can't imagine life without you! Love you immensely!