Friday, September 2, 2016

S is for Sun!

(My Father's World, Kinder, Unit 1)

 My Father's World is an all-inclusive curriculum for kindergarten. I am "dumbing it down" somewhat for Skipper since he's only in Pre-K. We spend 4 days on each unit, so we took some of the activities out. (They plan for 6.)  Kruiser (1st grade) joins us for the "theme" part of it which includes Bible, Science, Arts & Crafts, & Literature. They enjoy it so far!

making raisins in the sun They turned out pretty well, but they took forever. We didn't eat them!

We do a hands-on letter each week. This week was play-doh.
books I had about space. We also use Epic to find books about our theme.
Skipper begged to do Kruiser's old Kumon cutting book. There were only a few pages left, so I ordered him a new one. He asks to use it almost every day!

painting suns
all their work done

Life happens
sleeping on the job

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