Saturday, September 10, 2016

M is for Moon

(MFW Kinder, Unit 2)

I wanted to share what we do for 'Math' with Skipper (age 4.5).
Each unit in MFW is 4 days. We only do school with him 3 days a week, so we just move on to whichever day is next in the unit. 
Day 1- We play a math game. We do Shoots & Ladders or Candy Land to practice counting. I also have several review games from The Mailbox we can do. This puzzle or this puzzle. I have something similar to this I bought at a teacher's supply store.
Day 2 & 3- We do the cuisenaire rods workbook. There are 2 pages for each letter, so we just do the ones for the letter we're on. It incorporates several math skills, as well as building letters & other fun pictures.
Day 4- We do a math worksheet. We have these books (which is not all math) and several other little workbooks like the ones at Target's Dollar Stop. 
Math takes 5-10 minutes each day!

practicing letters with the Nerf gun

letters can be found here

drawing 'm's' in salt

He loves the cuisenaire rod activities!
The book can be found here.

sensory bin: black beans, glow in the dark stars, random balls for planets, Miles from Tomorrowland action figure.

Life happens:

Kruiser got a new Bible from his summer class at church. He sleeps with it every night! Be still my heart.

I share with 1+1+1=1. 

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