Monday, September 12, 2016

L is for Leaf

(MFW Kinder, Unit 3)

I failed to get many pics this week! :( I will just list what we did, in case you need some ideas.
-Went on a "leaf hunt". This book is cute...

-Gathered leaves from our hunt & identified them. Counted & talked about the colors. (You could graph them.)
-Pressed some of the leaves
-Did crayon rubbings of the leaves
-Made "stained glass" with the pressed leaves & crayon shavings. Ours didn't turn out very good. I think I had the iron on too hot, so make sure it's on the lowest setting! :) 
-MFW does a great job of connecting the themes to the Bible. We talked about how God is the trunk, and we are the branches. We have to stay in Him to grow! (and bear fruit, which we learned the next week for "apple".)
-Read more tree books. This one is great:

Doing his pattern leaf sheets from the MFW student sheets.
One picture I got from our leaf hunt, lol. I was trying to figure out what kind of tree this is. I used to teach Tree Search at camp, and I knew most of the trees. 

Life happens: 

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