Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1st/2nd Home school Curriculum

Kruiser is an old 1st grader, so he does some 2nd grade work. Here's what we've chosen this year.

My Father's World Kindergarten

Wait, didn't I just say he was in 1st/2nd?? Well, I like to keep the boys together for anything I can, so I decided to do this with both boys this year. Kruiser, of course, doesn't do any of the language arts or math since he has his own. The theme and Bible parts are what I'm doing with both boys together. This includes arts/crafts, Science, Literature, & Bible.

Right Start Math B

We started this last year but only got 1/2 way through it. It's an advanced 1st grade curriculum, so I'm good with it! We LOVE it.

Apologia Science

This is what our co-op has decided to do this year for science. It's for Kinder-6th graders. Lots of fun experiments! We do this twice a week at home.

Language Arts

This is full of 5-minute, Charlotte Mason inspired lessons including grammar, handwriting, picture study, narration, & poetry. It's excellent.

This is a great supplement (or stand alone LA book). It has everything!

Handwriting. These are excellent! The passages are from real poetry or Scripture.
Every other year, we focus on Science or History, and this is a Science year, so we have no history except what comes from our read-alouds (me reading to him.)  
Read alouds for this year: (we may add more)
I Survived Series.  I bought all these when Scholastic had them on sale for $2 per book! I can't honestly recommend them for this age though. They are pretty intense. I wish I had waited until he was a bit older, but he begs me to keep reading them, and since they aren't too bad, I do.
Winnie the Pooh
Boxcar Children #2
The Littles
Wise Words
Paddle to the Sea

A lot of these are sequels to books we loved from last year's Sonlight list. We're taking a couple of years off of Sonlight so that the boys can be on the same level in the future.


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