Thursday, September 15, 2016

TBT: A Few Things I Love

This is embarrassing. I want to eventually make my blog into a book, so I am including writings from a looong time ago. This is a poem I wrote for an assignment in high school. I still like most of these things though! :)

A Few Things I Love (1996)

At the pool on a summer's day
The sun shining down on my cheek
Laughter coming from children at play
A man not afraid to be weak

Reading a book on a rainy day
Long talks on the trampoline
Hearing the sound of a faint guitar play
The smell of kerosene

Little girls in sun dresses
Little boys in overalls
Any kind of well-planned surprises
The feel of the lines on the ball

Bagpipes and kilts and anything Scottish
A simple working woman at home
A man of sixty with a look rather boyish
Coffee ice-cream in a cone

Driving on a country road in early morning
Watching the clouds move above
An inspiring sermon with a pracitcal warning
Thinking of all that I love.

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