Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Things I'm Loving

Sitting out on the porch in the early morning (especially the few teasing days where it feels like fall in October in Texas) reading my Bible & praying on this
Best Choice Products Hanging Hammock Chair with Arc Stand.

I got mine for $170 on, but this one is now $124! Super Dad doesn't like how much room it takes up on our back porch, but he said I could do whatever I wanted with our garage sale money, so.... ;) It is amazing and so comfortable! All my friends who have seen it want one.

Pumpkin spice. Even though cold weather is nowhere to be found except on random mornings where it dips down into the 50's for a few minutes, we can still enjoy one perk from fall! Here is my iced coffee with pumpkin spice creamer (yes, it's fake, because I haven't seen that flavor in any of the healthy creamers yet) & these new bars I discovered that were on sale this week at the grocery store. The protein is grass fed whey, no fake sweeteners, added fish oil, and yes, pumpkin flavored. :)

Podcasts. While doing dishes or housework, I've been putting my ear buds in to listen to something inspiring or entertaining. Since none are ones I'd want to listen to every day, I switch around. Serial (real life crime cases), Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour (Christianity/living well), John Piper's Ask Pastor John or others (theology/Christian living), Heidi St. John (homeschooling/mothering), Chris Kresser (health/nutrition) are ones I've been enjoying lately. 

Yoga. I've been doing some free videos off of, the ones that look void of prayer stones, relics, chants, or saluting the sun. I just want to do the bodily positions. I have already noticed a difference in my posture & the way I carry myself. My back & core are in desperate need of this! There is Christian Yoga out there, but I couldn't find enough free videos on it.

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