Thursday, October 27, 2016

T is for Turtle!

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 6)

Hands on letter activity ideas. Each week we try to choose one of these.
  • make the letter out of play-doh or any other modeling compound
  • make pancakes or cookies in shape of the letter
  • trace the letter in a box with salt or sand or go outside & draw it in the dirt
  • make it out of sticks (best with straight line letters)
  • make jello & use cookie cutters to make letter shapes
What we did for our turtle unit...
made turtles out of paper bowls & green foam for the legs, head, & tail; read The Tortoise & the Hare; I watched during the week to catch them using perseverance, and they did a couple of times :) ; sorted out small animal reptiles & played in water with them; talked about the characteristics of reptiles; and observed our own red-eared slider, Timmy (sorry, didn't get a pic).
all his work for the unit
Math sheet "turtle race", working on ordinal numbers (MFW)
Kumon cutting sheet was about a turtle race!

T is for tower!
reptile sensory bin
making letters out of sticks
painting turtles
the finished product

Life happens...
Kruiser at his desk, which is in the other room to avoid distractions.
This is how active boys read.

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