Friday, October 28, 2016

U is for Us!

(MFW Kinder, Unit 7)

I want to take a minute to explain our "number of the day" system. Each day, the boys circle a number on the chart (alternating boys/colors). We identify the number. One boy adds a popsicle stick, and we count those (we bind in groups of ten each time we reach a multiple of ten, then count those by tens). The other boy adds a "penny". (play felt $ from the Target $ spot) We use the fewest coins we can to get to our number and then count those. I've promised them ice cream or something special when we get to 100!

"Us" (human body) ideas...
read books about body parts, play "point to body parts" game, read books about how God made us special, smell=do a smell guessing game with a blindfold, taste=same as smell but with tasting things, hearing=make instruments (see below) or do a hearing guessing game with different sounds, touch=put random items into a long sock & have stick their hand in & guess what they are feeling, sight=put 4-6 items in front of them, name & study each one, remove one while they aren't looking & have them try to guess what's missing

Number of the Day
Cuisinaire U page

Our hands-on letter was using glitter glue
Making "us" badges
We did a smell test to study the sense of smell. Each boy's answer is listed 1st with the real answer listed 2nd.
beginning sounds sorting
For the sense of hearing, we made homemade instruments- drums & foil folded over a comb
...a "guitar" with rubber bands of various thicknesses & a shaker (water bottle with dried beans) super simple!

Life happens...
Superman jammies!

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