Monday, February 27, 2017

I is for Insects!

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 11)

We had lots of fun learning about insects during this unit, and how we're supposed to work hard like the ant. 

We had this ant farm that one of the boys had gotten for Christmas, but in the cleanup, the form to order the ants got lost! My cheap self decided to march outside and just scoop up some fire ants from the yard and into the ant home. This, I do not recommend! We only got about 4 bites each, but the ants are too small for the holes and can crawl out. Also, we discovered why fire ants are so hard to get rid of, and that is because they are a super natural life form. During a freeze, they go under ground to stay warm. Our ants have survived several freezes outside, above the ground. Also, you're supposed to feed your "pet ants", which we did... about one time. I don't know if they are eating each other in there or what they're doing, but those suckers are still thriving months later. I think that I will take the entire plastic abomination and throw it into our trash barrel the next time we burn trash. They may survive that, not sure. My advice: choose a different insect to observe and have as a "pet".

file folder game on things that go together

Montessouri insect cards
hands-on letter activity: sidewalk chalk
Cuisinaire rods
I think this workbook came from the Target $ spot.
painting ladybug rocks
They just need google eyes, and they're paper weights.

Life happens...

Who's teaching who?

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