Sunday, February 26, 2017

O is for Octopus! (& W is for Water)

(MFW, Kinder, Unit 9)

I forgot to take pictures of the unit on Water, so that's included here as well. :)
For the octopus craft, we stamped one purple hand print, then did 3 extra fingers to make 8 arms (with purple paint), added google eyes. We were going to glue some sand at the bottom, but I didn't have any! Our hands-on letter activity was letter stamps.
Coloring some laminated templates from The Mailbox with dry-erase markers.
We froze ice cubes with food coloring in them to "paint" on the sidewalk. I actually think this was from the Water unit. oops!
Ocean scene with stickers.

Life Happens...

Even Batman need his sleep!

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