Friday, February 24, 2017

Educational Youtube Videos

I have been going through these videos with the boys. We've had so much fun with them and learned so much, but she only does 1 month! So I decided to do another one and share it with you. Hope you enjoy these educational videos. We just watch one per day during circle time.

Here are the subjects we're rotating through:
Music (Can't get enough of the Piano Guys!)
Chemistry/Physics (studying this in Science at co-op)

Natural Disasters  (reading these books during read aloud time, so I thought this would be fitting. Plus, Skipper requested "volcanoes!")
Prayercast Countries (this is something I wanted to do last yr when we learned about these countries, but we never go to it.) 

NOTE: I couldn't embed the prayercast ones or the Laws of Motion one, so watch for those links. 

Piano Guys- Star Wars:




The Netherlands prayercast

Piano Guys- Home:

Chemical & Physical Changes:


Telling time:

New Zealand prayercast

Piano Guys- Jurassic Park

Elements song:


Big Numbers Song (repeat from last month):

China prayercast

Piano Guys- Mission Impossible

States of matter:

Pictures of natural disasters:

Money song (repeat from last month):

Vietnam prayercast

Piano Guys- Kung Fu Piano

Laws of Motion



Brazil prayercast

Piano Guys- Indiana Jones

Force & motion:

Hurricane vs. Tornado:

Adding with a Pirate:

Tanzania prayercast

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