Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valetine's 2017! (& dates with kids)

Super Dad & I try to keep things simple for holidays. Although, as I'm writing this, it's Mother's Day, and he has wrangled the boys all day (even though they keep coming in trying to "tell on" him, lol), got me an instant pot (!), which I was not expecting, had the boys make cards for me, and is handling meals for the day ("handling", not cooking). ;) This is the only reason I've knocked out 5 blog posts on one day! You see how the man got his blog nick name!

For Valentine's, he & I don't go out on the day of, because, let's be serious, it's too crazy crowded! We don't do gifts for each other, either. We take turns planning something fun the other person would like, one of us each year, and do it on a weekend.

Two years ago, I started taking the boys on a date for Valentine's Day, alternating one each year. We work on our manners, and I let them plan some of it. The first year, Kruiser, age 5, says to me, "Mommy, don't worry about anything! I'm going to plan where we eat and where we got after and everything!" Of course, as they are getting older, Dad started taking the other one for a "boys' night", and now they fight over which gets to go with Dad! haha! #boys

I've read lately that some have a problem with parents going on dates with their kids, mostly daddy-daughter dates. If you look in a dictionary, a "date" is simply a set aside time to meet someone. You have play dates, double dates, coffee dates with friends. The word date is not sexual. So let's all ease up on the terminology others choose in their parenting. I feel like Christians are losing at choosing which battles are worth fighting with other Christians. One of Christ's last prayers on this earth was for unity for the church, so let's all strive toward that instead of nit picking each other. (ok, soap box done...)

making Valentines for friends

We eat the healthiest foods on these dates, ice cream & chicken nuggets!
Their gifts, a marker/coloring set to share & Reece's hearts. I try to stay away from toys on Valentine's & Easter!

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