Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recipes I've tried recently

Either my crazy pregnant appetite or my new addiction to Pinterest is to blame for recent cooking sprees. Just wanted to share in case you're looking for something new to try. Clicking on each picture should take you to Pinterest where you can then go to the recipe.

Egg salad. This was pretty good & definitely healthier than most!

Pumpkin smoothie:  If you like pumpkin, you should like it. I did add a couple drops of Stevia, because it's not very sweet. K loved it for his breakfast.
Microwave coffee cake in a coffee mug! This is amazing. It's quick & easy & very tasty. I did sub plain yogurt for the sour cream & used whole wheat flour. If you're NOT pregnant, it's enough for two people. ;)

BBQ Pockets. These were also a hit. I would leave out the brown sugar next time, because they were a little too sweet. Not very healthy, but yummy.

Quiche: This was very tasty! I left out the onions & want to add mushrooms next time!

Creamy chicken pockets- Wow, these were the best! I can't wait to make them again. Again, not the healthiest, but very tasty!

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I just attempted these, and they are wonderful. More like a bread than a cookie but still good.  I had to cook them a little longer- 13 min- or they were a little too doughy.
This is supposed to taste like cookie dough. It doesn't really, mostly because of the texture. But I like it. Not sure if I could eat a whole bowl, but it's really not bad for being healthy. I used maple syrup for the sweetener.

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